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Clive CarrollThe most amazing guitar player on the acoustic scene today. Visit the website, listen to the music, watch the u-tube clips and weep! Clive is a truly awesome guitarist! He's also a really nice, regular kind of guy.
The North
Michael and Ben - what can I say? These wonderful people introduced me to the brilliant Avaian guitar range, my Avian Dove has been my 'axe of choice' since early 2015. In 2012 they introduced me to the world of Greenfield guitars and my much loved Greenfield GF in 2016.
MDM Music
Mick & Carol Dolby in Kenilworth - call in and see them - lovely people - have sold me loads of instruments and Mick has done some amazing set-ups on guitars and Ukes!
Guitar Tech

Richards Guitars
Richard uses the best of technicians and I trust his judgement in all matters of guitars.

Richard's Guitars, Stratford upon Avon
Registry of Guitar TutorsProfessional society for Guitar Teachers in UK through which all of my exams are offered. Graded exams from preliminary through to Grade 8 via RGT and LCM in Acoustic and Classical guitar, also popular music theory exams which can be taken in the comfort of my purpose built studio.
StringbustersWebsite supplying Martin, Ernie Ball, LaBella and Elixer strings - they sell single Elixer's to replace those easy to snap G and D strings that come with the lighter sets of 11's. Pay on line with card and they deliver to your door! Good prices and excellent service - Jayne recommends!

They also stock more 'difficult to find' strings; i.e., Martin low tension 'Silk and Steel' acoustic strings (I recommend these for new steel string players) short scale Rotosound black wound bass strings and LaBella classical strings with black trebles in a choice of tensions from standard usage through to Flamenco hard tension (sets with red and gold trebles are also available)