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A Little Background . . .

Worked with various acoustic and electric duos and bands for 30 years. First public performance age 5. First television appearance age 5 on the Joe Loss Show Come Dancing from Coventry. Joe and my parents were friends, having worked together for many years at a dance hall in Coventry. Mum played piano and Dad was lead singer with a 'swing' style 'big' band during the war. Dad and his pal Chick liberated a piano in France during the war and it stayed with them until they were de-mobbed. Uncle Bill played piano in a band and 'Uncle George Nesdon' taught me to play piano when we lived in Hampshire.

Teaching: - I began teaching in 1985 at Rugby College. I worked for just one term to 'cover' for a friend. It gave me the bug . . . . I got on with my training and started teaching Guitar and Computing at Warwickshire College in Leamington.

Currently: Busy teaching guitar and ukulele at home and helping students realise their full potential. I took the opportunity to teach from home full time in early 2007 and have been thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Previously: - Four years as Minstrel in residence at Coombe Abbey - I was Banquet Manager for two really hectic years and retired to concentrate on teaching from home. I finally retired in March 2009. 2008 - teaching guitar in primary schools in the South and South West of Warwickshire County. 2002 Lead musician and Music team leader at Warwick Castle's Highwayman's Supper Banquet. Pre 2002 Resident and compere at various acoustic music clubs in Warwickshire. During the 1980's I worked in commercial production and manufacture of jingles and 'voice - overs' on adverts for radio and television. Session musician (vocals and voice over) in the midlands area.