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LESSONS: - weekday afternoons (alternative times and mornings by arrangement). Monday to Friday, plus Saturday mornings. See availability page for charges. For group lessons increase fee by 50% per additional student.

Exam entry RGT / LCM. *Lessons at RGT / LCM / Trinity Grade 5 and above will incur a 10% (ten percent) additional charge per hour or part thereof for guitar or ukulele. A 10% (ten percent) discount is offered for lessons paid monthly in advance.

* Prices revised as at noon 1st January 2018 * Will be reviewed 1st January 2019

CHILDREN AND CLASSICAL GUITAR: We start by learning to read music and match the notes on the fretboard to the note on the stave. Music reading can start as young as 5 or 6. With children I can use coloured strings to aid note recognition. Its useful if parents 'sit in' on lessons and help with guitar practise between lessons. Suitable books which stimulate the playing journey will be introduced and the first exam can usually be taken within the first 12 or 18 months.

ADULT CLASSICAL GUITAR: Pick up from previous learning, learn from scratch or re-learn what you've forgotten! Very quickly we will be playing duet pieces and modern and classical pieces. Learning can be for leisure and pleasure, performance or to work towards exams.

ADULT ACOUSTIC GUITAR BEGINNERS [45-60 mins]: - You require no previous knowledge of guitar, tuning or reading music. Over the weeks you can choose to learn chords and songs or tabs to use them with. You don't have to learn to read music!

ADULT ACOUSTIC GUITAR IMPROVERS [60mins]: - Improver lessons consolidate previously learned chords and tabs, introducting new songs and tunes and working towards public performance. You should be able to understand simple, single note tablature, song sheets and chord charts. You should be able to play chords A, C, D, G, E, Am, Dm, Em, A7, B7, C7, D7, E7, G7 fluently. Public performance is actively encouraged at this level.

INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED ACOUSTIC / CELTIC GUITAR:- Each topic is available as a one-off 60 or 90 minute session:

1) Transposition and Capo use.
2) Bar chords major & minor moveable shapes.
3) Power chords, suspended chords.
4) The journey to the dusty end (playing high positions on the fretboard).
5) Major, minor pentatonic, blues and moveable scales.
6) Alternate fretboard chord & note positions (inversions).
7) Making sense of internet tablature.
8) Modes and more. Tone and Touch.
9) Soloing using standard, pentatonic & blues scales.
10) Bends, glissando, hammer on, ornamentation, pull off, vibrato.
11) Celtic / open tunings - Open G, Dropped D & DADGAD (one tuning per session)
12) Harmonic chords, natural, artificial & pinched harmonics to incorporate into your playing.

EXAMS: After approx 9 - 18 months, you should have a repertoire of around 20-40 pieces, comparable to those in grades 1 to 3 of the RGT / Rockschool Acoustic Guitar exams, an option to attempt exams towards the end of the second year. Exam skills are better absorbed in one to one lessons, however, skills can be shared in partnered sessions (two students) which start at 40 per session (60 minutes).

Exams boards: RGT Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele. Trinity Classical, plus Rock & Pop. Rockschool Guitar, Rockschool Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele. Video performance submissions to RGT for acoustic guitar.

Find out more about RGT / LCM Exams: Click the RGT logo below.